Bloom is a very simple and effective way for public sector clients to appoint teams. Initially clients must sign up to Bloom…

Client sign up:

  1. Sign-up as an Associate Member of Bloom. This involves signing and returning the framework Call-Off Agreement/ Contract
  2. Communicating particular requirements to BLOOM – type of works/ services required etc.
  3. Deciding and communicating to BLOOM whether you want Bloom to manage the direct call-off of the services, i.e. using Bloom to manage the ITT, shortlisting consultants for the project and finally choosing one consultant or requesting specific suppliers/consultants to
    submit a quotation and choosing one yourself
  4. Selecting a supplier from a shortlist of suppliers and engaging by raising a PO
  5. Approve monthly report/forecast and paying Bloom, who in turn pay the suppliers/consultants,
  6. Please see attached the simple engagement matrix

Note that sign-up is free; however, there is a 5% charge for the value of PO which Bloom retains for processing payment of invoices on a monthly basis to consultants. This is either through consultants adding the 5% charge onto their quote and showing this as a line item to the Clients/Buyers and absorbing this from their quotation.

This may or may not necessarily affect the Client/Buyer directly, depending on whether consultants’ quotations include this 5% and thus the PO raised, or whether it has been absorbed by the consultants as part of their quote and therefore not paid directly by the client.