Clerk of Works

Our clerk of works team has the necessary experience to provide clients with the comfort that the construction process and quality are being adhered to. Fulkers Bailey Russell have a long track record of ensuring projects meet all regulations and are delivered to the highest quality. We carry out detailed and regular inspections and compile coherent snag documents in order to ensure that the building is constructed in line with the specifications. Our team has the ability to develop strong professional relationships with customers and contractors which is important when potentially criticising a contractor’s work.

The key services we provide are:

  • Auditing of construction drawings.
  • Review of buildability
  • Inspections of materials delivered to site for compliance with the contract
  • Inform the client in writing of any materials found not to comply
  • Inspections of all works in progress throughout and issue reports as agreed
  • Check contractor’s records
  • Hidden work and variations
  • Regular reporting
  • Maintain a diary of the progress of the works
  • Tests and inspecting
  • Completion – schedule of defects