Fulkers Bailey Russell take corporate responsibility very seriously as evidenced by our registration to BS EN ISO 14001 and as stated within our “Community Investment Policy”.

Fulkers Bailey Russell believe in things not because they make sense commercially, but because they are the right thing to do.

Fulkers Bailey Russell operate for the benefit of our stakeholders, clients, directors, staff and the communities that we work within and as such we recognise and are committed to our responsibilities to them.

In order to ensure that Fulkers Bailey Russell provide a framework for the delivery of the community Investment policy and as required by our ISOQAR  management systems, the directors meet quarterly to help establish and steer the company’s actions across our chosen core areas: workplace, supply chain, environmental, H&S and Community, and the setting and monitoring of KPIs.  

Fulkers Bailey Russell believe that corporate responsibility should be led by example from director level, encouraging all of our staff to assume our core values throughout the company.

Fulkers Bailey Russell’s community investment policy sets out our mission statement. Within the policy we establish our commitment to staff development, continuing professional development, customer care, health and safety and environmental matters. Our policy is reviewed annually and communicated to all staff through our office procedure manual.

Examples of how we have supported the local community and economy include:

Providing a platform for career development: being active in the community by working with schools to offer work experience and finding young suitable staff through colleges and universities. We provide work experience at least four times per year across our offices to youngsters keen to join the construction industry from local schools. We also regularly encourage students from universities to participate in work experience. 

Fulkers Bailey Russell also wish to increase our exposure in training students and graduates. We have developed a training programme and have a process in place to assist graduates to become professionally qualified. We hold in-house APC training every other Friday morning. Not only does this include our in-house staff, but it has also been extended to, and inclusive of, graduates from other local firms in the community, and has included candidates from client organisations. Our programmes focus on career development, acquiring new skills and building working knowledge and confidence.

Reducing waste: despite the larger projects we work on, sometimes it is the small things that count. We regularly review our supply chains, and as such have worked with our stationery supplier to reduce waste when we noticed excessive deliveries to our offices and subsequent overzealous packaging, that was both expensive and difficult for us to dispose of in an environmentally acceptable manner. Further to negotiation, they agreed to provide a solution in return for a guarantee of at least 1 years` business. This saved us and the supplier money and provided social benefit through reduced journeys.   

It is in our culture to deliver sustainable solutions in all respects. We will look at reducing waste through the specification of sustainable locally-sourced materials. We will work with the remainder of the team through the consideration of buildability, ensuring our designs and products minimise waste and provide all-round value for money. 

We include reference within our specifications that ensure local resources, including labour, are prioritised. Using our local knowledge, we will make sure tender lists comprise local companies who share our core values in supporting the local community and economy.    

Supporting the local community: we continually look at ways to take part in activities that support the economy as we believe that it ultimately benefits us as an organisation. 

As a business we also support numerous local charities, local events and other causes that provide little obvious commercial or PR benefits to us, but we do it as we benefit from the local community; therefore, we like to give something back.

We encourage our staff to undertake community roles, allowing staff time off to perform Public Service duties, including being Local Councillors, Appropriate Adults, School Governor, TA Training etc. Fulkers Bailey Russell has introduced a programme called “Charity Tuesdays”. This is where, on the first Tuesday of each month, staff are encouraged to bring in food donations which are then given to local food banks.