To deliver exceptional consultancy services with honesty, integrity and professionalism. To ensure that our highly qualified, approachable staff are proactive, innovative and resourceful in their approach to every client’s needs.

Mission Statement

Fulkers Bailey Russell aims to provide an accessible and skilful service to its clients, and to satisfy the career aspirations of its entire staff in a friendly, professional and environmentally and socially positive way. Our decision-making always considers the balance and trade-offs to be made and the effect on our profit, the people around us and the planet we share.


To see our mark in towns, cities and landscapes across the world. We value our clients so we aim to provide them with value for money and flexibility, allowing director attention on all of our projects.

Ethos and culture

  • We are a SME and recognize that as one of our strengths.
  • We offer a service and approach that is big enough to cope yet small enough to care.
  • We have an enthusiastic outlook about our work.
  • We want to be the “go to” firm in our field for quality and good value service.
  • We want to attract the best clients and employees.
  • We have a corporate background but work without the bureaucracy; therefore, we are agile.
  • We are a strong, dynamic, modern-thinking and successful firm.
  • Sustainability and environmental awareness is important to us.
  • We enjoy being part of and working as a team.